Wednesday, June 22, 2011

sorry all

Been neglecting the blog. Just started production on my next film and things are the usual crazy as we get started. More details about the film and the continuation of the 12 principles soon. I can say that I am having a WONDERFUL time.

Why does anybody do anything but make movies?


  1. ... Hey mike, No problem good luck with your project.. believe me there's a lot of material to study from the previous post. I wanted to thank you, I'm 17 and I'm studying animation, you have no Idea how valuable are your tips and the resources you've uploaded, I visit your blog almost every day to choose the next film I'm gonna watch and whenever I finish a book and It has improved my skill and my way to see this art form.

    I only wish I could have the honor of one day been in a classroom with you but until then I really appreciate you taking the time to keep this blog...

    Cheer, Guillermo

  2. Guillermo

    Thanks. In the meantime check out Glenn Vilppu's work and take a look at some Ralph Bakshi movies. Wizards is what got me into animation. Good luck buddy!